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Full name: Bethany Rose
Used name: Valleri Bluebell Nesmith
Birthday: 26/8/86
Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Parents' names: Gary and Michele
Siblings: Caitey, 12
Stepsiblings: Shauna, 23; Mandi, 16; Jayson, 11
Favorite book: The Lives of John Lennon, by Albert Goldman
Favorite CD: [right now; it changes often] All Things Must Pass, disc 1 by George Harrison
Favorite movie: Shakespeare In Love, HEAD, Help!, A Hard Day's Night
Favorite soda: Citra
Favorite food: Strawberry shortcake ice cream bars ... are addictive
Most snoggable Monkee: Nezzy
Most snoggable Beatle: Paulie
Favorite word: ennui
Favorite Monkee wife: PHYLLIS
Fave rave Beatle wife: Olivia.
Would you ever stalk somebody?  yes
If so, who?  James McCartney or Dhani Harrison

get back, loretta