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[aka Valleri does not want to get sued]

   The Monkees logo and name are all copyrighted by the grand 'ole folks over at Rhino Records. Every time the name is typed or the logo used, their grubby little hands get money. I am in no way, shape, or form associated with the Rhino peeps, nor do I ever plan to be. All pictures belong to either their original photographer in a teen magazine, or to the websites from which they were used with permission, including, but not limited to:
Hey Hey They're the Monkees
Nine Times Blue
Bailey & Andrea's Monkee Page
Photo of Valleri on stage at the 17 March 2001 Monkees concert is copyright Maryann Treppedi-Jacobs. 17 March 2001 concert photos and 30 June 2001 concert photos copyright Bethany Lang, 2001.

   The Beatles logo with long "T" and name are copyrighted by Apple Corps, Ltd. Graphics used on Flaming Pie are courtesy several places, including and Purple Frog Graphics. If any rare photos were taken from your site without permission, please notify me immediately at

All original text, essays, fanfiction, and poetry belongs solely to Bethany Lang, 2001. If you would like to use my fanfiction or essays on your site, please e-mail me directly at with a request. Thank you and have a Monkeelicious day.