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GLEEB> credits and thanks
I'm doing this mainly as a debt to a lot of Monkees websites that I've followed over my past few years as a fan. Not only have the given me a lot of laughter, but some source material, pictures, and sounds for this site (with permission sometimes). First off, to psycho-jello for some very groovy pictures, as well as lots of interesting and fun facts. Most of the episode stills that you see on this site are from psycho-jello. Secondly, to Hey Hey, They're The Monkees! for a very complete collection of wavs from the episodes. Thirdly, to Melisssa's Monkee Menagerie for having the "Mijacogeo" wav, as well as some pictures from "HEAD" that I needed. There are quite of few others that I would like to thank, but I wouldn't want to bore you.
There are also some people that need thanked, personally as well as "professionally," i.e. other Monkee partners in crime.
Roo - the lama and queen of everything. Her site the lmta rocks my world. Not only is the site groovy, but so is the person who made it. So, my lama, you are niftay. Keep up the good work.
Lindsay - has a website that she probably wouldn't want me giving out the address to (ah, the days of yore), so I'll just leave it at the person who introduced me to the Monkees. You are cool. AC was pun. See ya in South Park.
Ma - aka MickysGirl. The nicest, sweetest, kindest person I know who made me a copy of Regis & Kelly because my VCR is the king of all evils. You are my doobie sistah.
Petah - It ain't no thing. Just remember that Davy is a little troll. You are also the eh, nicest kindest person and stuff. Most definitley.

this page is dedicated to the memories of:
Tommy Boyce
John Lennon
Linda McCartney
Maureen Starkey Tigrett
Freddie Mercury
and every other person who's meant anything to me. hare krishna.
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