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The late 1980s brought great prosperity for basically none involved, but there was one group that notably reformed -- the Monkees. In 1986, Micky, Davy, and Peter were approached by tour mogul David Fishof with the idea of a reunion. Money was promised, but each of the guys agreed for different reasons. Micky wanted to take his family, with three young daughters, on the road. Davy was interested in the money, of course, and getting back in the spotlight. Peter saw it as another vehicle for his music. Michael, however, was never even approached. Fishof was told that he would never agree, being too busy with Pacific Arts, as well as having no shortage of money. The trio of Dolenz, Jones, and Tork hit the road in 1986.
The tour started off well enough, as the Monkees began to play stadiums within months of its beginning, but later turned sour. MTV, which had given them great support by re-running the series in 1986, refused to help them promote the early '87 tour after a misunderstanding about a MTV show appearance. When they went back in the studio, their popularity as a reunion act was already beginning to wane.

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