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GLEEB> tv appearances list
9 February     The Ed Sullivan Show   (Davy w/ the cast of "Oliver!")   US
"Consider Yourself"
November     Top of the Pops   (Davy only)   UK
9 February     Top of the Pops (Mike & Micky)   UK
2 March     The Grammy Awards (Davy & Peter)   US
28 May     Secombe & Friends (Davy only)   UK
songs performed unknown
29 June     Top of the Pops (Micky only)   UK
7 July     Top of the Pops (all 4)   UK
12 December     Ed Stewart's Christmas Request Show (all 4)   UK
25 December     Meet the Kids (all 4)   UK
23 May     Top of the Pops (Micky only)   UK
1 June     Dee Time (Davy only)   UK
6 June     Top of the Pops (Davy only)   UK
October     Live in Japan (all 4)   Japan
5 February     The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour (trio)   US
songs performed unknown
11 February     Laugh-In (Davy only)   US
16 February     This is Tom Jones (Davy only)   UK
songs performed unknown
22 March     Happening '69 (trio)   US
16 June     The Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson   US
"Last Train to Clarksville," "Goin' Down"
19 July     The Johnny Cash Show   US
"I'm A Believer," "Nine Times Blue," "Everybody Loves A Nut"
6 October     Laugh-In (trio)   US
9 November     Music Bag (Davy only)   US
"Someday Man"
24 November     The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show Special (Davy only)   US
8 December     Love Letters to Laugh-In (Davy only)   US
22 December     Music Scene (Davy only)   US
31 December     Pea Picker in Piccadilly (Davy only)   UK
??     The Joey Bishop Show (trio)   US
"I'm A Believer," "Someday Man," "Listen to the Band"

September     Love American Style (Davy only)   US
September     Make Room For Grandaddy (Davy only)   US
May     American Bandstand (Michael)   US
July     The Steel Pier Show (Davy)   US
"Rainy Jane"
September     The Funky Phantom (Micky - voice only)   US
September     Dinah (Micky)   US
10 December     The Brady Bunch - "Getting Davy Jones" (Davy)   US
April     My Three Sons (Micky)   US
13 September     Adam-12 (Micky)   US
27 September     Cannon (Micky)   US
??     Country Suite (Mike)   US
"Joanne," "The Candidate"
July     The Merv Griffith Show (Davy)   US
"Rainy Jane"
September     Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kids (Micky - voice only)   US
October     Owen Marshall - Counsellor At Law (Micky)   US
October     Night of the Strangler (Micky)   US feature film
November     Love American Style (Davy)   US
November     The New Scooby Doo Movies (Davy - voice only & song)
"I Can Make You Happy"
July     The Dick Clark Special (Micky)   US
September     Devlin (Micky - voice only)   US
September     These Are the Days (Micky - voice only)   US
September     Linda Lovelace for President (Micky)   US feature film
January     The Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart TV Special (DJBH)   US
22 May     The Bluegrass Special (Davy)   US
10 June     The Channel Nine Perth Appealathon (Davy & Micky)   US
September     The Tomorrow Show (Davy & Micky)   US
November     The Top of the Pops (Michael)   UK
17 December     Our Show (Davy)   UK
16 January     Pebble Mill at One (Davy & Micky)   UK
28 January     Tiswas (Davy & Micky)   UK
February     The British TV & Film Awards (Micky)   UK
15 April     Our Show (Davy)   UK
2 June     Cheggars Plays Pop (Davy)   UK
"Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse"
1 July & 9 July     Star Games (Davy)   UK
September     Horse in the House (Davy)   UK
September     Doctors and Nurses (Davy)   UK
September     Hot City Disco (Davy)   US
November     Hot City Disco (Davy)   US
8 February     Top of the Pops (Micky)   UK
"Love Light"
7 April     Saturday Morning Show (Micky)   UK
19 May     Star Games (Davy)   UK
July     Cheggars Plays Pop (Micky)   UK
July     Get It Together (Micky)   UK
July     Celebrity Squares (Micky)   UK
25 July     Echoes of the Sixties (Micky)   US
8 August     The Persuaders (Micky)   UK
19 August     It's A Knockout (Davy)   UK
7 September     Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (Mike[!])   US
30 September     Scrapbook of the '60s (Davy)   US
24 December     Granada Reports (Davy)   UK
8 February     Top of the Pops (Micky)   UK
18 April     ATV Today (Davy)   UK
April     PM Magazine (Michael)   US
25 July     The Uncle Floyd Show (Peter)   US
"Good Looker"
25 September     The Uncle Floyd Show (Peter)   US
September     Fridays (excerpts from "Elephant Parts"; Michael)   US
September     Saturday Night Live (excerpts from "Elephant Parts"; Michael)   US
29 April     Ohayou Studio (Davy)   Japan
August     Ohayou Studio (Davy)   Japan
August     Ohayou Studio (Peter)   Japan
August     Whatever Became Of... (Peter & Davy, filmed in Japan; Micky filmed in UK)   US
25 December     Ohayou Studio (Davy)   Japan
18 December     The Uncle Floyd Show (Peter)   US
JANUARY: Ohayou Studio (Micky) Japan
FEBRUARY: Ohayou Studio (Davy) Japan
FEBRUARY 25th: AM Chicago (Davy) US
MARCH 15th: Entertainment Tonight (Michael)
APRIL: Coronation Street Special (Davy) UK
MAY 2nd: The Uncle Floyd Show (Peter) US     
JULY 8th: Late Night With David Letterman (Peter) US  
SEPTEMBER ??: MTV "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll" (Peter) US
OCTOBER 9th: The Uncle Floyd Show (Peter) US         
OCTOBER 30th: The Uncle Floyd Show (Peter) US         
NOVEMBER 15th: The National Cable TV Awards (Michael) US
DECEMBER 2nd: Today Show (Mike, Micky, David)   US
JANUARY: Late Night With David Letterman (Michael) US    
JANUARY: People Now (Michael) US
JANUARY: AM Chicago (Michael) US
JANUARY 22nd: Saturday Superstore (Davy) UK        
APRIL 6th: The American Video Awards (Michael) US
APRIL ??: MTV "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll" (Peter) US
MAY 5th ??: City TV 10:00 News (Peter) Canada
JUNE: Pop Quiz (Micky) UK
JULY 5th: Breakfast TV (Micky) UK
JULY 5th: Breakfast TV (Micky) UK
SEPTEMBER 28th: Good Morning Britain (Davy) UK
JANUARY 9th: Breakfast TV (Davy) UK            
JANUARY 14th: The Little and Large Show (Davy) UK        
JANUARY: Bugsy Malone - The Making of a Musical (Micky) UK
JANUARY: This is Me (Micky) UK
FEBRUARY: The Saturday Show (Micky) UK
FEBRUARY 29th: 60 Minutes (Davy) UK b/c:
MARCH: Vintage Quiz (Davy) UK
MARCH 29th: Sunday Sunday (Davy) UK
MARCH 30th: Good Morning Britain (Davy) UK    
APRIL 2nd: Pebble Mill at One (Davy) UK
"Daydream Believer" and "Oliver!" medley

APRIL 28th: The American Video Awards (Michael) US
APRIL 14th: Ch 7 Eyewitness News (Davy) US
APRIL 17th: The Uncle Floyd Show (Davy) US
"A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You"

APRIL: Hello America (Davy) US
APRIL: Entertainment Tonight (Peter) US
APRIL: Good Morning America (Davy) US
APRIL 18th: The Today Show (Davy) US
APRIL 16th: The Morning Show (Davy) US
APRIL 17th : NJN "Pledge Break" Promo (Davy) US
MAY: The Time of Your Life (Davy) UK
"A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You"

MAY: CNN Cannes Film Festival Special (Micky) US
MAY 21st: Video Spotlight (Peter) US (New Jersey Cable)
JUNE: Puzzle Trail (Davy) UK
JULY 6th: The Friday Show (Davy) UK
SEPTEMBER 25th: Pop Quiz (Davy) UK
OCTOBER 13th: Saturday Superstore (Davy) UK
MARCH 6th: Entertainment Tonight (Michael) US
MARCH 7th: Today (Michael) US
APRIL 6th & 10th: Cover to Cover (Peter) US
JULY 29th: Breakfast TV (Davy) UK            
JANUARY 6th: Blue Peter (Davy) UK                
JANUARY 7th: Good Morning Britain (Davy) UK             
FEBRUARY 24th : Today (Davy & Peter) Australia
FEBRUARY 25th : TWT (Davy & Peter) Australia
MARCH 8th: Sounds (Davy & Peter) Australia
APRIL: MTV "I Was A Teenage Monkee" (Micky) US
APRIL: MTV "I Was A Teenage Monkee" (Peter) US
MAY: MTV (as guest VJ) (Micky) US
MAY: MTV (as guest VJ) (Peter) US
MAY 9th: Video Jukebox (Micky) UK
MAY 28th: Showbiz Today (Trio) US
MAY 28th: Entertainment Tonight (Trio) US
MAY 29th: Today (Trio) US
MAY 29th: CNN "Take Two" (Trio) US
MAY 30th: Nick Rocks (Trio) US
MAY: Evening Magazine (Trio) US
JUNE 2nd: Entertainment Tonight (Trio) US
JULY 16th: MTV News at Night (Trio) US
JULY 16th: Night Watch (Micky & Peter) US
JULY 18th: Good Morning Houston (Micky) US
JULY 25th: That Was Then, This is Now (Promo Clip) (Trio) US
SEPTEMBER 5th: MTV Video Awards (Trio) US
"Daydream Believer," "I'm A Believer"

SEPTEMBER 8th: MTV (Davy) US b/c: 9.9.86 ??
SEPTEMBER 8th: MTV (Michael & bit of Micky) US
SEPTEMBER 9th: Good Morning America (Michael) US
SEPTEMBER 28th: Nick at Night (Micky) US
SEPTEMBER: Solid Gold (Trio) US
SEPTEMBER ??: Nick Rocks (Micky & Peter) US
SEPTEMBER ??: Where Are They Now (Davy & Peter) Australia
OCTOBER 20th: Disneyworld's 15th Anniversary TV Special (Trio) US
"I'm A Believer"

NOVEMBER 17th: Live on 5 (Peter) US
DECEMBER 5th: MTV Monkee Christmas Medley (Trio & Mike) US
DECEMBER 8th: MTV (Michael) US

JANUARY 9th: Good Day (Micky) US
JANUARY 26th: Entertainment Tonight (Trio) US
JANUARY 26th: The American Music Awards (Trio) US
JANUARY: The New Mike Hammer (Micky) US
JANUARY ??: Burglar (Michael) US feature film
FEBRUARY 14th: Country Notes (Michael; behind the scenes of Square Dance)   US
FEBRUARY 25th: MTV News (Michael, Micky separate ints) US
FEBRUARY 24th: Entertainment Tonight (Micky) US
FEBRUARY 25th: Showbiz Today (Micky) US
MARCH 8th: Easter Seals Telethon (Micky) US
MARCH 18th: Nightlife (Micky) US
MARCH: Ch 7 News (Davy & Peter) Australia
MARCH: The Midday Show (Davy & Peter) Australia
MARCH: Young Talent Time (Davy & Peter) Australia
MARCH: Young Talent Time (Davy) Australia
"After Your Heart"

MARCH: Young Talent Time (Davy) Australia
"Hippy Hippy Shake"

MARCH: C'mon Kids (Davy) Australia
MARCH 28th: The Early Bird Show (Davy) Australia
MARCH 28th: Cartoon Company (Davy) Australia
APRIL 4th: Sounds (Davy & Peter) Australia
APRIL 11th: Rated K For kids By Kids (Micky) US
JUNE 22nd: Showbiz Today (Michael) US
JUNE 26th: Good Morning America (Trio) US
JULY 5th & 6th: Heart and Soul (Promo Clip) (Trio) US
JULY 29th: Noonday (Trio) US (Atlanta TV)
JULY 29th: Nick Rocks (Trio) US
JULY 31st: Nick Rocks (Micky) US
AUGUST 20th: Morning Program (Trio) US
AUGUST 24th: Live at Five (Trio) US
AUGUST 25th: Morning Exchange (Trio) US
AUGUST 31st: Sally Jesse Raphael (Trio) US
SEPTEMBER 11th & 13th: Nick Rocks (Trio) US
SEPTEMBER 23rd: Solid Gold (Trio) US
"Every Step of The Way"

OCTOBER 9th: Every Step of The Way (Promo Clip) (Trio) US
NOVEMBER 9th -13th: Sledgehammer (Davy) US
DECEMBER 2nd: Channel 5 News (Chicago) (Davy) US
DECEMBER 11th: Liquid Paper TV ad (Michael) Australia
DECEMBER 11th: Newsworld (Michael) Australia
DECEMBER 15th: Getting Fit (Michael) US
DECEMBER 28th: Nick Rocks (Trio) US
JANUARY 5th: My Two Dads (Davy) US
JANUARY 21st: Good Day (Davy) US
JANUARY 21st: Live on 4 (Davy) US
JANUARY 26th: The American Music Awards (Trio) US
FEBRUARY 2nd: Entertainment Tonight (Davy) US
FEBRUARY 19th: Night Network (Davy) UK
FEBRUARY: Crooke and Chase (Davy) US
MARCH 17th: This Morning (Davy) US
MARCH 18th: The Morning Show (Davy) US
MARCH 19th: PBS Rockathon (Ch 13) (Peter) US
APRIL 17th: Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous (Michael) US
JULY: Coronation Street Special (Davy) US
JULY 27th: Channel 4 Midday News (Kansas City) (Davy) US
JULY 28th: Channel 5 Midday News (Kansas City) (Davy) US
JULY 29th: Channel 9 Five O'Clock News (Kansas City) (Davy) US
AUGUST 21st: Entertainment Tonight (Trio) US
SEPTEMBER 13th: Good Morning Australia (Trio) Australia
SEPTEMBER 13th: Live at Five (Trio) Australia
SEPTEMBER 15th: Midday With Ray Martin (Trio) Australia

SEPTEMBER 16th: MTV (Trio) Australia
SEPTEMBER 13th: A Current Affair (Trio) Australia
SEPTEMBER 1th: 11 am (Trio) Australia
SEPTEMBER 1th: Saturday Morning Live (Trio) Australia
SEPTEMBER 1th: The Factory (Trio) Australia
OCTOBER 24th & 25th: My Two Dads (Davy) US
NOVEMBER 2nd: VH-1 "Watch Bobby Rivers" (Michael) US
NOVEMBER 3rd: This Morning (Micky) UK
NOVEMBER 11th: CBS This Morning (Michael) UK
DECEMBER 13th: The Rosie O'Donnell Show (Peter) US
JANUARY: Aspel & Company (Trio) UK
"I'm a Believer"

FEBRUARY 1st: Daytime Live (Trio) UK
FEBRUARY: Entertainment This Week (Davy filmed in UK) US
FEBRUARY 28th: Don't Just Sit There (Davy) US

FEBRUARY ??: VH-1 "My Generation" (Davy) US
MARCH 2nd: Crooke and Chase (Davy) US
MARCH 8th: Breakfast TV (Trio) UK
MARCH 8th: Good Morning Britain (Trio) UK
MARCH 9th: 01 For London (Trio) UK
MARCH 9th: Entertainment Tonight (Trio) UK
MARCH 15th: Good Morning New York (Michael) US
MARCH 21st: CNN News (Michael) US
MARCH 21st: Showbiz Today (Michael) US
MARCH 21st: Crooke and Chase (Michael) US
MARCH: The Rosie O'Donnell Show (Davy) US
APRIL 21st: Goud Van Oud (Trio) Holland
MAY: Entertainment Tonight (Micky & Peter) US
JUNE 29th: AM Los Angeles (Trio) US
JUNE 30th: The Pat Sajak Show (Trio) US
"Pleasant Valley Sunday," "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone"

JULY 2nd: Movietime (Cable) (Michael) US
JULY 10th: Entertainment Tonight (Trio) US
JULY 10th: Showbiz Today (Trio) US
JULY 10th: USA Today (Trio) US
JULY 23rd: ABC World News Sunday (Trio) US
AUGUST 3rd: People Are Talking (Trio) US (Boston)
AUGUST 8th: Much Music (Trio) Canada
AUGUST 8th: Midday (Trio) Canada
AUGUST 15th: Nashville Now (Trio) US
"D.W. Washburn," "Daydream Believer," "What Am Doing Hangin' 'Round?"
AUGUST 16th: Richmond After Six (Micky) UK
SEPTEMBER 6th & 20th: VH-1 "My Generation" (Davy) US
OCTOBER 16th: Nashville Now (Micky) US
NOVEMBER 28th: What's Up Dr. Ruth (Davy) US w/daughter Sarah
DECEMBER: Baby Boomers (Davy) US
DECEMBER: What's Up Dr. Ruth? (Peter) US
JANUARY: The Story Behind The Story (Davy) US
FEBRUARY 17th: This is Your Life (Davy) US
FEBRUARY 19th: The Oprah Winfrey Show (Davy) US
FEBRUARY: VH-1 "My Generation" (Davy) US
MARCH: Crook and Chase (Michael) US
MARCH 9th: AM Los Angeles (Micky) US
MARCH 26th: Entertainment Tonight (Micky) US
APRIL: Inside Edition (Micky) US
APRIL: Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous (Micky) US
MAY 21st: Steppin' Out (Davy) US
MAY 22nd: Infomercial for an album of 60's tracks (Davy) US
MAY 22nd: AM Philadelphia (Davy) US
MAY 22nd: Eyewitness News (Davy) US
AUGUST 10th - 11th: UK TV Commercial for Whitbread Beer (Davy) UK
OCTOBER: Hawaiian Tropic Beauty Pageant (Micky) US
OCTOBER: Much Music (Davy) Canada
OCTOBER: VH-1 "My Generation" (Davy) US
NOVEMBER 25th: Hollywood Christmas Parade (Micky) US
NOVEMBER: Entertainment Tonight (Michael) US
DECEMBER 1st: Almost Live (Davy) US
DECEMBER 7th: Northwest Afternoon (Davy) US
DECEMBER 18th: It's Only Rock 'n Roll (Davy) US
DECEMBER ??: The World Through Celebrity Eyes (Micky) US
??: Instant Recall (Micky) US
JANUARY: Personalities (Micky) US
FEBRUARY: Evening Magazine (Davy) US
FEBRUARY 10th: The Making of "The Voices That Care" (Micky) US
MARCH 1st: Nashville Now (Davy) US
MARCH 1st: Country Kitchen (Davy) US
MARCH: Personalities (Michael) US
MARCH: Inside Edition (Micky) US
APRIL: Personalities (Davy) US
JULY: VH-1 "My Generation" (Davy) US
JULY: Entertainment Daily Journal (Michael)
AUGUST: Trainer (Davy) UK
SEPTEMBER 5th: Country Kitchen (Micky) US
"Sugar Mountain"

SEPTEMBER 10th: The Midday Show (Davy) Australia
SEPTEMBER 11th: Good Morning Australia (Davy) Australia
SEPTEMBER 11th: Till Ten (Davy) Australia b/c: 11.9.91
"I'll Love You Forever"

SEPTEMBER 11th: Tonight Live With Steve Vizard (Davy) Australia
SEPTEMBER 12th: In Melbourne Today (Davy) Australia
SEPTEMBER 17th: AM Los Angeles (Micky) US
"Blackbird," "Sugar Mountain"

SEPTEMBER 30th  & OCTOBER 1st: Acting Crazy (Micky) Canada
OCTOBER ??: Totally Hidden Video (Micky) US
OCTOBER ??: Rodeo (Micky) US
OCTOBER 20th: Entertainment Tonight (Micky) US
OCTOBER 31st: MTV News at Night (Micky) US
NOVEMBER 13th: Bear Country (Micky) US
NOVEMBER 19th: VH-1 (Micky) US
NOVEMBER 19th: The Real Story (Micky) US
NOVEMBER 19th: Streetbeat (Micky) US
NOVEMBER 22nd: Crook and Chase (Micky) US
DECEMBER 21st: New Years Eve Concert (Davy) US
"Daydream Believer," "I'm a Believer," "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You"

FEBRUARY ??: Remember (Micky) US
FEBRUARY: CNN News - Hollywood Minute (Michael) US
MARCH: "Bud Dry" TV Commercial (Micky) US
FEBRUARY: VH-1 - "Rock 'n Roll Cities" (Michael) US
MARCH 30th: New York at Night (Davy) US
APRIL: The Howard Stern Show (Davy) US
APRIL 3rd: City TV (Micky) Canada
"Blackbird," "Sugar Mountain"

APRIL 3rd: Telethon For The Hospital of Sick Children (Micky) Canada
JUNE 4th: Live With Regis and Kathy Lee (Davy) US
JUNE 19th : Live at The Britt Festival (Michael) US
JULY 8th: Promo Trailer for the feature film "Wish" (Davy) US
JULY 26th: Celebrity Surfing Contest (Micky) US
JULY 26th: Entertainment Tonight (Micky) US
SEPTEMBER 7th: The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon (Davy) US
"Daydream Believer"

SEPTEMBER 16th: Austin City Limits (Michael) US
SEPTEMBER: California Dreams (Peter) US
SEPTEMBER: Deadfall (Micky) US feature movie
OCTOBER: Herman's Head (Davy) US
OCTOBER: Entertainment Tonight (Davy) US
OCTOBER: The Donna Valery Show (Davy) US
NOVEMBER 11th: Nightcap (Davy) US b/c: 11.11.92
"Daydream Believer," "Hippy Hippy Shake"

NOVEMBER: The Ben Stiller Show (Micky) US
DECEMBER 5th - 8th: Rhino Infomercial for CD Box Set "Rhino's Top Rock 'n
Roll Hits of The 60's" (Davy) US
JANUARY 8th: E! Entertainment News (Peter) US b/c: 9.1.93     Return To Sender
w/The Popinjays
JANUARY: Showbiz Today (Michael) US b/c: 27.1.93
FEBRUARY ??: Petrie in Prime (Micky) Canada b/c: .3.93
FEBRUARY 3rd: Entertainment Tonight (Davy) US b/c: .3.93
APRIL 16th: Eye on Toronto (Davy) Canada b/c: 16.4.93
APRIL 16th: Global TV News (Davy) Canada b/c: 16.4.93
JUNE 18th: WABC Channel 7 Late News (Davy) US b/c: 18.6.93
JULY: The Best of L.A. (Micky) US b/c: 5.8.93
JULY: Hosted By... (Micky) US b/c: .8.93
JULY 26th: The Sally Jesse Raphael Show (Davy) US b/c: 4.8.93 Songs ??
AUGUST 11th: Eyewitness News AM (Davy) US b/c: 11.8.93
AUGUST: Kelly & Company (Davy) US b/c: 12.8.93        Songs ??
AUGUST: Newsbeat at Noon (Davy) US b/c: 12.8.93
AUGUST: Eyewitness News at Noon (Davy) US b/c: 13.8.93
AUGUST: Entertainment Tonight (Micky) US b/c: 30.8.93
AUGUST: VH-1 (Micky) US b/c: 10.9.93
SEPTEMBER 6th: Today (Micky) US b/c: 6.9.93
SEPTEMBER 8th: Good Day New York First Edition (Micky) US b/c: 8.9.93
SEPTEMBER 9th - 30th: Numerous US Newscasts (Micky) US b/c: 9-30.9.93
SEPTEMBER 15th: AM Northwest (Micky) US b/c: 15.9.93
SEPTEMBER 16th: Morning on 2 (Micky) US b/c: 16.9.93
SEPTEMBER 20th: Morning Exchange (Micky) US b/c: 20.9.93
SEPTEMBER 20th: Live on Five (Micky) US b/c: 20.9.93
SEPTEMBER 21st: Good Company (Micky) US b/c: 21.9.93
SEPTEMBER 26th: Up To The Minute (Micky) US b/c: 27.9.93
SEPTEMBER 24th: Broadcast House Live (Micky) US b/c: 24.9.93
SEPTEMBER 30th: CNN's Morning News (Micky) US b/c: 1.10.93
SEPTEMBER 30th: What A Morning (Micky) US b/c: 30.9.93
SEPTEMBER: E! Entertainment News (Micky) US b/c: .10.93
OCTOBER 18th: Larry King Live (Micky) US b/c: 18.10.93
NOVEMBER: Monty (Micky) US b/c: - Series cancelled before this episode could
NOVEMBER 22nd: Showbiz Today (Micky) US b/c: 23.11.93
DECEMBER 16th: Late Night With Conan O'Brien (Micky) US b/c: 16.12.93 I'm A
DECEMBER 19th: Hollywood Christmas Parade (Micky) US b/c: 19.12.93

APRIL 2nd: Entertainment This Week (Davy) US b/c: 9.4.94
MAY: Prime Time Texas (Michael) US b/c: 17.5.94
JUNE: The Stephen Banks Show (Peter) US b/c: 11.7.94 @
JUNE 8th: Geraldo (Peter) US b/c: 4.7.94
JUNE 11th: Entertainment Tonight (Micky) US b/c: 17.6.94
JULY 15th: The Brady Bunch Movie (Davy) US Feature Film released: 17.2.95
JULY: The Brady Bunch Movie (Micky) US Feature Film released: 17.2.95
JULY: The Brady Bunch Movie (Peter) US Feature Film released: 17.2.95
AUGUST 10th: The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (Micky) US b/c: 10.8.94
OCTOBER 18th: Dini (Davy) Canada b/c: 18.11.94             Songs ??
OCTOBER ??: Boy Meets World (Micky) US b/c: 11.11.94 @
OCTOBER ??: "Jeopardy" TV Commercial (Micky) Canada b/c: .11.94
NOVEMBER ??: Queens (Micky) US b/c: 14.11.94
DECEMBER 1st: Later (Michael) US b/c: 17.5.94                   Some of Shelley's

JANUARY 5th: The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno (Davy) US b/c: 5.1.95    Songs ??
JANUARY: Brady: An American Chronicle (Davy) US b/c: 12.2.95
FEBRUARY 21st: CNN's Morning News (Micky) US b/c:21.2.95
FEBRUARY 14th: The Marilu Henner Show (Micky) US b/c:14.2.95     Songs ??
FEBRUARY 17th - 22nd: Boy Meets World (Peter) US b/c: 12.5.95 @
APRIL 11th: TV's All Time Favourites (Davy) US b/c: 19.5.95
MAY 6th: News 3 Weekend (Micky) US b/c: 6.5.95
JUNE 4th: Pizza Hut commercial w/Ringo Starr (Trio) US b/c: 29.6.95
JULY ??: The Love Bug (Micky) Feature Movie US b/c: .96 ??
JULY 21st: Barbed Wire (Peter) US Feature Movie released: .96 ??
SEPTEMBER 7th: Wings (Peter) US b/c: 14.11.95 @
SEPTEMBER 21st: Oprah (Davy) US b/c: .9.95 ?            Songs ??
OCTOBER ??: Pacific Blue (Micky) US 2 episodes b/c: 2 & 16.3.96 *
OCTOBER: The Mike and Maty Show (Peter) US b/c: 16.11.95     Songs ??
OCTOBER 28th: Boy Meets World (Trio) US b/c: 17.11.95 @
OCTOBER 28th: E! Entertainment News (Trio) US b/c: 25.1.96
NOVEMBER: The Stephanie Miller Show (Peter) US b/c: 13.11.95     Songs ??

JANUARY: Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher (Micky) US b/c: 14.2.96
FEBRUARY 20th: Prime Time Country (Davy) US b/c: 20.1.96            It's Not Too
Late; I'll Love You Forever; D. Believer
FEBRUARY 20th: George and Alana (Micky) US b/c: 20.2.96
FEBRUARY 21st: Crooke and Chase (Davy) US b/c: 21.2.96    Songs ??
MARCH 1st: Good Day L.A. (Micky) US b/c: 1.3.96
MARCH: Muppets Tonight (Micky) US b/c: 5.4.96 @
APRIL 9th: The Monkees Documentary (Michael) US b/c: 22.1.97
APRIL 10th: The Monkees Documentary (Davy) US b/c: 22.1.97
APRIL 10th: The Monkees Documentary (Peter) US b/c: 22.1.97
APRIL 23rd: The Monkees Documentary (Micky) US b/c: 22.1.97
MAY 21st: Group Sounds Carnival (Davy) Japan b/c: 11.6.96    Songs ??
JUNE: Today (Trio) US b/c: 10.6.96
JUNE 17th: The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (Trio) US b/c: 17.6.96    I'm a
JULY 24th: The Rosie O'Donnell Show (Trio) US b/c: 24.7.96    Last Train To
Clarksville; Daydream Believer
AUGUST 19th: Miss Teen USA (Trio) US b/c: 21.8.96
SEPTEMBER 20th: Lush Life (Davy) US b/c: Cancelled before this episode aired
OCTOBER 11th: Midday (Micky) Australia Live via sat from L.A. b/c: 11.10.96
OCTOBER 14th: The Bradshaw Difference (Peter) US b/c: 14.10.96
OCTOBER: Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher (Micky) US b/c: 23.10.96
NOVEMBER 8th: The Single Guy (Davy) US b/c: 26.11.96 @
NOVEMBER 20th: Showbiz Today (All 4) US b/c: 21.11.96
NOVEMBER 20th: Good Morning America (All 4) US b/c: 21.11.96
NOVEMBER 20th: Hard Copy (All 4) US b/c: 27.11.96

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