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Utilizing the great capabilites of my friend Kellie's scanner, I was able to get some pics of interest. All of these were personally scanned by me, so don't even try stealing them. Hopefully, there'll be more as soon as get all my new mags.
[if you have a slow puter, you may wanna skip this page]
Spectacular #3
Janelle Dolenz-Scott's favorite picture of Micky, at age 3 in a playhouse.A picture of Davy in England in 1967.
Mike in the home that he, Phyllis, and Christian shared in 1967, with the queen of the house, Spotte.
Mike in the studio during the recording of Pic of Micky taking during the shoot for

A pic of all 4 of the guys, with copied signatures, from the inside cover of Spec 3.
2001 Tour
courtesy Maryann Jacobs; that's me in the Monkees shirt
I know this one's hard to make out, but it's worth it. The blue is from Micky's shirt; you can see his head. The black and white blob on the left is the security lady. And the thing that can only be distinguished by little white dots for shoes at the bottom is... me. That's right, folks. Your wonderful Valleri escaped onstage. Read more in this month's essay.
The pics from my Pgh show came out really bad, but I think I'm gonna scan some anyway. You can see the guys as little dots on the stage, aren't you lucky?

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