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GLEEB> faq
Heh heh, Faq. That's a punny word.
Anyway, welcome to the GLEEB Faq. This is a place where I answer all of your rather inane questions (aw, c'mon, they are pretty inane sometimes) and make sure you are perfectly straight and correct in your knowledge of Monkeedom.
Why, you ask, did I decide to make a Faq page? A bunch of people -- and I mean a bunch -- have IMed or e-mailed me saying that I have gotten a Monkee fact wrong. In some cases, you are correct. Props to you that you stumped the Vallerimaster.
But in other cases, you're wrong, I'm right, so I'm correcting you. Ya catch? So for your enjoyment and entertainment, and without further adieu, here is the GLEEB Faq. WARNING: No people were harmed in the making of this Faq.

1)  You have the date of Mike & Phyllis' marriage wrong. It's March 16, 1963. Why do you have a different date?
Answer:  Because I felt like being different. In truth, Mike & Phyllis were married in June 1964. The 1963 date was given to the little teen magazines because teenyboppers, contrary to popular belief, can count. Therefore, they would realize that Phyllis was pregnant with Christian before she and Mike were married, and this is the early '60s we're talking about. So the actual date is June 12, 1964 -- I think. Don't bother me if I'm wrong; I'm sick.
2)  Mike and Victoria are/aren't married. Why are you such a dork that you didn't know that?
Answer:  No one's ever appended the dork part before, but I'm feeling creative. Mike and Victoria ARE NOT married. Do not believe what anyone else says to you. He is clearly unwilling and not ready to marry again following the Phyllis fallout and the psycho that was Kathryn Marie Bild. There ain't no wedding bells ringing. I'm sure he'd like you to send presents, though.
3)  How do you get backstage passes to a Monkee concert?
Answer: I've gotten this one two or three times and the answer is ... how the heck would I know? If I knew how to get backstage passes, I'd be backstage myself. But because I am not special, I do not get to go backstage. Call up Davy like Bailey & Andrea did. Maybe he knows.

That's about everything I've gotten so far. If you have a question that you would like me to answer with supreme wit and sarcasm, please e-mail me at Thank you and have a pleasant day.

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