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Happy birthday to Phyllis Nesmith, because she is my own personal bitch. She's 55, as hard as that is to believe. But hey, Phyllis can still be the queen of everything at 55, so that's admirable. Take time out today and have your own Phyllis party. I'm sure she's appreciate it.
I saw Ringo last night and it was AWESOME. He's still got it, dude. He was bouncing around the stage like a little 'ole bunny and yelling and screaming at everyone to be louder whence singing along. With the exception of two girls my age that kept standing up (you know who you are), I had a mighty fine time. In fact, I typed up an entire concert review as a feature this morning and what happened? My Trellix went haywire, had an illegal operation, and shut down. And me, being the stupid idiot that I am, didn't save... so I lost the entire thing, which took me well over 2 hours to do. Life is fun.
No more updates.
-- val
30 july 2001
"See, all that applause and my head's getting too big." - Ringo Starr, after being unable to get a fan-made necklace over his head at the 29 july concert

note to those who are going to report this anyway: I stole this idea from Erin of phantasmagoric splendor. I've seen it other places. but because Erin is a groovy person and gave me an award, I'm gonna credit it to her. thank you, Erin. you are my saviour.

30 july 2001 at 2:21 PM EST

listening to: "Photograph," by Ringo Starr
talking to: Aidan.
watching: Not a thing.
feeling: horrid, but that's beside the point, I guess.