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a message to george

As many of you probably know, since a lot of Monkees fans are also Beatles fans, George Harrison's health is currently in major decline. Mr. Harrison, the guitarist of the Beatles, was treated for a cancerous lump in his throat in 1999. The cancer spread to his lungs this year and, most recently, to his brain. It was announced recently that George is battling a brain tumour, which he is currently being treated for in Switzerland.
We here at GLEEB -- meaning me, Valleri -- were devastated by this news and I am, like everyone else, praying for George's good health to return. Since Flaming Pie is currently in a state of utter bloody shambles, we decided to make a page where you could send out your thoughts to George; his wife, Olivia; and his son, Dhani, in this very difficult time. The notes on this page will eventually be sent to the Harrison family c/o George's companies.
Please continue to pray for George as he's going through a very tough time right now. Thank you.

Message for George:

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