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GLEEB> wallpaper
Wanna make your desktop the grooviest of all? Try using GLEEB's very own Monkee wallpaper, made by yours truly. Click on the picture and/or link to download the wallpaper. Then open it up in your paint utility and set it as wallpaper. Mike, Micky, and Davy WP coming soon.

640 x 480 wallpaper
'68 concert wallpaper
  get equipped with wallpaper of a concert from the guys' 1968 Australia tour.

plane wallpaper
  your very own high-flying Monkees on your desktop

Peter wallpaper
 scruffy Petah, from the HQ sessions

1024 x 768 wallpaper
rainbow room wallpaper
  plaster your computer with that Monkee hallmark, the rainbow room.

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