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GLEEB> about valleri

Full name: Bethany Rose
Fake name: Valleri Bluebell Nesmith McCartney Tork
Birthdate: 26/8/86
Parents: Gary and Michele
Sibling: Catey
Stepsiblings: Shauna, Mandi, and Jayson
Reading now: A Twist of Lennon
In CD player: Micky Dolenz - Davy Jones - Peter Tork Live in Las Vegas 2001
In VCR: "Monkee Mother" eppy
Fave chats: Monkeep on AOhell, #lmtachat & #doobiesistahs
Mantra: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." - JWL
  Reporter: Is there any musical talent in your family?
 John Lennon: Well, me dad always used to say me mum was a good performer.

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