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Shoutouts. Some say they are essential to any and all personal webpages. So. Here are mine.
LINDSAY - Nipples ready -- peck! There are so many good times and in-jokes here that I don't know if I could possibly list them all. Uhm. The Monkees concert... don't forget the "Can You Dig It" dance. Remember that you're supposed to stop at stop signs. And, just for the record, Linda is better than Yoko.
AIDAN - Hee hee! Just remember the luau, your little videos that made me fall on the ground laughing hysterically, your puppy (BANG!), the Monkee drinking game, the talking cow, boxer shorts and eh... what else?... yeah, I think that's it.
LAYLA - I get Dhani's lower half. Hah. Hah.
ZACH - Don't forget my exploits as a green-cheeked Oz general. Or yours, either. Even though you weren't a general. Running around and making sure the janitors don't catch you is fun, isn't it? Oh yeah, the slow-mo Les Mis pose...
KELLIE - "Quiet, isn't it, George Michael Dolenz?" Blowing up coke machines is da SHIT.
GREG - You are far too perverted for my tastes. And George does not look like Jesus.
PHIL HIMIHEE - You are my rock, my lover, my bitch, everything I've ever hoped for. Whoops. You don't exsist.
And special thanks in the creation of myself and this webpage...
All of the afforementioned, Michele, Gary, Shauna, Linda, Mandi, Cleo, Jayson, Katie, Peter, Davy, Micky, Kathryn, Carl, Kristi, Woody, Roo, Bettina, Ma, Chel, Em, all 3 of my therapists, Kata, Carlota, Jamie, Sarah, Kelly, Kordell (TU), the folks down at Long John Silver's, the Practice Tee people for letting Lindsay call me from work, Dhani and his indomitable spirit and love, George W. Bush, Al Gore, Dave Koz, GHH, EPC, Paula, Joe, Dave, Katelyn, Hugh Jackman, KidLindsayDated, Pete Hamill, Ian the Australian, the only gay eskimo, Chris Kattan, Hank Petchow, the makers of Kool-Aid Jammers, Carol from TX, Margo, and the rest of the original apple scruffs for inspiring a generation, the entire Tj football team, Mr. Hyjurick, Davy Jones the drunk, Peter's mother the smurf, Greta von Susseren, Larry King, Heather Mills, Alistair Donald, Afroman, the staff of Jimmy's Car Parts and Other Automobile Junk, Joe Case, Racheal, the makers of Women's Tylenol, and the inventor of the periodic table of the elements.

[This page is dedicated to the memories of]
John Lennon
Linda McCartney
Maureen Starkey Tigrett
Brian Epstein
Mal Evans
Freddie Mercury
All those lost in the 11 Sept 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, Somerset County Pa, and the Pentagon.