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I love the Beatles. It probably borders on obsession, actually. Sad, really. But it is a hobby. I collect a bunch of stuff relating to them: books, records, 45s, movies, etc. I wanna see Backbeat, but I've never found it to rent. Anyhoo. Below are my comments on each of the Beatles, etc.
George is my bitch. He is my loveslave. He is everything good on this earth epitomized into one, single man. There are a few things about George that turn my buttons on like craziness: his generosity (he gives pure uncut rubies to his friends on a whim), his wonderful wisdom and philosophy, and his attitude toward the fans. He's just plain wonderful. His music is awesome, too. All Things Must Pass is a great album. I dig it. A lot.
Paul is my second fave rave Beatle. There are some things about Paul -- like his endless optimism -- that make me CRINGE. And the thumbs up thing -- what is up with that? He gives the thumbs up sign to every reporter or fan he sees. It's like Ringo and his peace sign. Anyway, I love Paul. He's sexy as hell. And his voice is absolutely wonderfully gorgeous and melodic and pretty. He's an awesome songwriter. All Paul gets from me is pure love.
Poor John. He's so sexy. The best thing about John is his tough exterior. He acts so rough around the edges, like he's afraid of nothing. But, at least now, everybody knows that he was a huge teddy bear inside. The guy was totally screwed up from his childhood. But that's part of his genius. I love John's realistic attitude of the world. He's so true about everything.  John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band is such a great and truthful album; it's helped so many people overcome.
Ah, little ugly duckling Ringo. Ringo's the only Beatle that I've seen live and in person, so I have some bias to his wonderful charm, charisma, and personality. I feel like Ringo's such a genuinely cool guy. His attitude and personality come off so strong and bouncy and happy. I loves. You know what was really funny? When he was playing Mr. Conductor on Shining Time Station. That kicked ass.

Other Beatle opinions:
favourite Beatle: George
favourite Beatle song: "Julia" or "Not Guilty"
favourite Beatle album: The White Album
favourite Beatle pet: Martha the sheepdog
favourite Beatle kid: Dhani Harrison. One sexy mofo.
favourite solo Beats album: Living in the Material World, George Harrison
favourite Beatle wife: tie - Linda McCartney or Olivia Harrison
favourite Beatle movie: A Hard Day's Night

Dhani and Olivia Harrison. Sexy boy, you so fine...