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The Monkees are a very close tie with the Beatles for my favourite band. Why? Everybody hates the Monkees. Everybody from that generation, usually, but there are some people in mine that do too. They hate them because they're bubblegum. Well, hell, everybody needs a little bubblegum in their lives from time to time, don't they? And the Monkees are good bubblegum. Yummy.
Definitley my favourite Monkee. He's so goddamn sexy! Have you ever heard that man speak? I love Texas accents. But have you ever noticed that most guys with Texas accents are morons? Michael is an exception to the rule. Not only is he sexy as hell, but he has major brains. The man holds a yearly "council of ideas" to solve world problems, for Pete's sake. And his music is the best. He's a great songwriter, even if he tortures the metaphor and simile just a little too much on some his songs. "Wax Minute" is a KICKASS song.
Oh freaking yes. I don't like '60s Peter, but I definitley dig '00s Peter like the craziness. Peter seems to have some major wit and sarcasm, some to even touch Nez's, even though he was the dummy on the show. "Sea Change" is the most orgasmic song on this side of the earth. Peter's an awesome musician, too. He plays about 52,893 different instruments. It's crazy. Anyway, I love Peter because he's sexy, smart, witty, bitchy... like me. Sometimes.
I LOVE MICKY. He's so absolutely sweet and adorable! Micky's a great comic. Even if he was an asshole throughout this entire Peter firing thing at the '01 tour, but that's another story. I love Micky's style and spirit. He's like Paul, only he has enough wit to not come off as a total moron who has a peachy view of earth. Micky's a good actor too: ever seen his episode of Adam-12? ::snickers:: Me loves.
FUCK. HIM. That's all I have to say.
Other Monkee opinions:
favourite Monkee: Michael
favourite Monkee song: "If I Ever Get to Saginaw Again"
favourite Monkee album: Headquarters
favourite Monkee pet: Fraak, Nez's dog. That dog kicked ass.
favourite Monkee kid: Um. I dunno. Ami Bluebell?
favourite solo Monkee album: Tantamount to Treason, Volume 1, Michael Nesmith & the Second National Band
favourite Monkee wife: Phyllis Nesmith. She is my idol.
favourite Monkee movie: HEAD. By default, you see.