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So dig. My fragile ego isn't stroked enough by having a 24-hour journal, or a Monkees website, or a few online friends. Nope, I felt the need to make a website all about ME. Just me. So if you're not prepared for me to blab on and on about my interests and my family, then get out of here. Because I'm not gonna take criticism lightly from people who come to an optional page.
words from val. 25 september 2001.
Wow. 2 weeks. As if things haven't been crazy enough everywhere lately, there's the prayer service today. With Oprah. Whose crazy idea was that? I just wanted to post a few things... just to say that none of the stuff marked new is new any longer. And to put a thing on here about my favourite songs and albums. That's about it.
I also wanted to put something specific in here -- Geoffrey Giuliano was a writer who wrote about 6 gazillion Beatles books, including 2 about George Harrison. He was apparently in the World Trade Center on 11 September (his 48th birthday), is currently missing, and is presumed dead. My heart and prayers and thoughts go out to his family: his wife, Vrnda, and his 4 children.
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